Processing Grief with Suliat Kofo Bello

Suliat is an education and training instructor, a makeup artist and an influencer. She joins us from Dublin to share her story on how she processed grief after loosing both parents and grand parents. In this two part episode, Suliat talks us through loosing both maternal figures, her mother then her grandmother. She also shares her feelings of grief as a child and what it was like returning to school after loosing her mum and how beneficial bereavement group support was for her.

Then later in early adulthood, Suliat tells of how she became and a care giver to her siblings while at university following the death of her grandmother. We touch on the emotions that death brings such as sadness, anger and how she lost her faith. We also talk about her healing and finding her way back to God and the miraculous ways God showed up for her.
In the next episode we discuss the loss of Suliat’s paternal figures, secondary losses and how to thrive after loss.
You can follow Suliat’s work on Instagram and YouTube @poisedbysuliat.

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Guest Speaker

Suliat Kofo Bello is an education and training instructor, a makeup artist and an influencer from Dublin. You can find her on on all social handles @poisedbysuliat

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