Mindfulness And Trauma- Amy

Amy and Abi discuss mindfulness and trauma, with Abi relating it to the bereavement of her late husband and how it affects her. Have a story to share or feedback on one of our episodes? Connect with us @ineveryseason.podcast on Instagram or drop us a mail to Everyseasonpodcast@gmail.com.


Guest Speaker

Amy is an experienced psychotherapist working locally in the village of wheathampstead and online. She has over 10 years experience in supporting both men and women with life's challenges and the mental load that goes alongside that.  With a special interest in Trauma. She support survivors of abuse, rape, domestic violence and childhood trauma. 
 My passion is people. It is my privilege to be a witness to clients experiences. I believe with heartfelt passion that we are all capable and given the healthy conditions we require, we can thrive. 

It is completely normal to experience overwhelm, anxiety, stress and depression. However normal this may be, it does not mean that there isn't something we can do about it. From our one to one sessions we are able to explore the challenge, may that be a toxic workplace, a relationship breakdown or a sense of feeling low. Once we understand the feeling, we work through the triggers and find a way through.


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