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In every season – Journeying with you through life’s different seasons. 

In every season – navigating through life challenges

In every season – surviving through tough times by building resilience

In every season – navigating crisis

In every reason – coping with traumatic events

Resilience support for life's
different seasons

– Proving resilience tools to cope with life’s different seasons

– Our resilience tools helps help you navigate life’s different seasons

What do we
want to do?

Welcome to In Every Season, where our purpose is to help adults and children get unstuck from challenging seasons, to be able to reflect, re-connect and find purpose in order to move forward to the next season. 

We want to  help you build a toolkit that will allow you to practice resilience as you manoeuvre through life’s various challenges. 

Providing Resilience Support To Help People Cope With The Seasonal Changes in Life​

We help adults and children move forward after challenging times.

We help adults and children move on after challenging times, enabling them to re-connect, reflect, and discover purpose in order to succeed in the next season of life.

Our approach to resilience helps you acquire the skills, resources, and confidence needed to tackle life’s various challenges.

In Every Season

Our intention is to provide you with the resilience toolkit, a collection of resources that can be used to learn, heal, and grow.

Support to Parents, Caregivers And Children By Sharing Lived Experiences Through The Following Support Channels.

Beautiful young woman from in every season in casual clothes sitting alone and looking into the distance. Pen and sheets of paper in her hands

Creative Writing

Writing and craft can be extremely therapeutic. It’s so important to process our emotions, but this is not always easy to do. Creative making can be an outlet that heals.


On the podcast, Abi Shotade explores stories of her various and the challenging seasons they have walked through. They discuss how they navigate, with reflections and tips they have picked up along the way to share with listeners.

Portrait of loving African-American mother and daughter painting Easter eggs together while sitting at wooden table in cozy home interior and enjoying DIY art in sunlight, copy space
Wellbeing Activities

Engaging in well being activities is really helpful for those moments when we feel overwhelmed. Creativity can be an outlet for emotions, as well as an outlet these activities can be used as an opportunity to connect with others.

Although life has thrown you curve balls, I want you to stretch so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Fulfilled life

The resources available here will promote self-reflection, allowing for opportunities to reconnect with yourself, your purpose and others; adding to your toolkit so that you will be able to become more resilient during the tough seasons of life.

two toddlers enjoying the book titled my sisters are not good at wrestling written by Abimbola Shotade


Supporting Bereaved Children

My Sisters are not good at wrestling

 Processing the loss of a loved one is a major challenge and difficult for everyone, even more so for young children. 

With questions such as what happens to a loved one after they die? Where do they go? Are they OK? springing to mind and often time without answers.

My sisters are not good at wrestling is a children’s picture book on grief that will provide comfort and hope for children and adult readers too. 

Grieving E.J share’s his story, starting with his frustrations that his bereaved sisters are not good at wrestling, as they prefer to play dress up and E.J is fed up with it. He misses his wrestling partner, daddy. 

One evening daddy visits his bereaved son and they go on a special tour that gives E.J insight into where our loved ones go when they die. E.J enjoys this experience and finds it easier to say goodbye accepting the reality of his fathers’ death. 

This is a captivating, eclectic and heartfelt book that processes grief through a child’s eyes. This book will help soothe children (and adults) grief, by giving hope after death believing we will meet our lost loved ones again.

In Every Season Podcast

The In Every Season podcast has produced a number of audio contents spread across three seasons with diverse guests including children who share how they’ve built resilience and navigated through challenging seasons.

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