Fatherhood With Kenneth Awoonorr

We open yet another discussion titled fatherhood, however we touch on so much more than that. We look at fatherhood through so many different lenses, through the eyes of a father, a child and we discuss other father like figures and discuss the ups and downs.

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Guest Speaker

Kenneth is currently the Legal, Regulatory and Investment Principal at BCAR International with specific focus on Emerging and Frontier Market investment opportunities framed and governed by ESG policies. He is listed in the Legal 500 GC Power list Middle East 2015, he is a commercial, finance and corporate lawyer and a specialist in hybrid capital structures, venture capital and private equity. 

He has extensive legal and regulatory experience that has included roles in private practice as well as an In-house counsel to large corporations and SEO (‘State-Owned-Enterprises’) such as GBI(‘Gulf Bridge International’) owned by QIA (‘Qatar Investment Authority’) and QF (‘Qatar Foundation’), where he marshalled and orled large multi-million-dollar transactions internationally and in the Middle East as Senior Corporate Counsel with substantial legal experience at board level. 

He was Chief Legal Officer at GBI from 2011 to 2015. He was also Chief Compliance Officer specialising in economic sanctions in the US-Iran nexus of sanctions compliance and non-compliance enforcement, pertaining to Middle Eastern and European entities, owned by the State of Qatar investee companies. GBI is an investee company of Qatar Investment Authority and other sovereign wealth funds in the GCC (‘Gulf Cooperation Council’). 

Prior to this role, he was Senior Legal Counsel at the Exxon Mobil and Qatar Petroleum joint venture company RasGas from 2007 to 2010. He also served as an investment and capital raising legal counsel for the capital raising rounds in 2009 and 2010 at RasGas across the GCC, the EU and the US. In this role he advised on the legal aspects of multi-jurisdictional capital raising for assets owned and operated by the State of Qatar. 

Mr. Awoonor-Renner holds degrees from the University of Oxford and Kings College London. He holds an MBA (Oxon) degree with distinctions, in Finance, Strategy and Leadership. In addition to being an Oxford graduate, his is called to Bar of England and Wales and qualified with degrees in: Law (LLM and MA), QLTT from OXILP (the ‘Oxford Institute of Legal Practice’). He also holds an Engineering degree with honours, BEng (Hons), CEng, and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. 

Kenneth’s passions include engineering a better society through STEM (‘Science Technology Engineering and Maths’) for young minds, and designing new things on CAD with his children when time allows. He also enjoys classical music, together with speaking his favourite languages (Arabic, French, German, Krio and Twi). He has lived in London and the west country in England, for most of his life together with time in West Africa, except for the ten years he was working in Doha, Qatar. He is an avid swimmer, an amateur musician and the father of four beautiful children – three sons and a daughter. 

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