Dream New, Bold Dreams With Loana

Ioana tells about the realities of loosing her spouse so early at 29 years old and the effects it has on the type of parenting a grieving parent can be, which sadly is a flawed one and not necessarily the best version of ourselves. 

Ioana tells us about her journey to discover what being a happy single mom looks like. 
We talk about finding some silver linings in widowhood and facing the reality becoming single again. Moving from ‘why’ mentality to ‘now what’ and making a new reality or a version of life that we like. 

We also share about dating and laundry services and how her mindset has changed in relation to delegation and outsourcing, it really does takes a community. She leaves us with powerful words re-framing her mindset and encourages us to all to dream new BOLD dreams.

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