Have you ever gone through a season where you’ve said to yourself “I can never recover from this…” ? 

I certainly have. 

I call this a winter season. 

Winter seasons can be harsh, cold and full of sadness. 

Like you, I never thought I would smile again, laugh again, live again.

In nature there is a specified time for winter until spring comes to give birth to new life and growth. Unlike nature, we can’t simply wait for time to pass in order to move on to the next season. And there isn’t a specific time for how long winter’s last, even though we know they do pass (they do pass, I promise!). 

So what do we do to go from winter to spring…  I hear you ask?

I wish I had a checklist of things for you… Sorry! 

As we know seasons change, In Every Season wants to make sure you have ‘all weather’ wear as you navigate through various seasons of life. We want to help you build a tool kit for your mind and emotions to help you get unstuck each time you feel sticky due to life’s challenges. 

On the journey we hope to assist you as you build your ‘healing toolkit’. Your Toolkit will be packed with resources that you can use to learn, heal and grow. We support families ( parents, caregivers and children) by sharing lived experiences through



Well Being Activities

We run resilience courses and workshops and we are also available to speak / facilitate at  your event.


I was stuck – I didn’t think my life could ever be better after the loss I experienced. 

My first experience of loss was with my cousin and best friend when I was 5 years old, he was slightly younger than me. Since then I have lost close family and friends, not to mention battling life through various trials in growing up in a single parent home and challenges in my adulthood.

The most pivotal winter season I have experienced to date was that of my husband of 10 years who passed away after a road traffic incident leaving me a single parent to 3 children and making me a widow. Two things I never expected to be. 

After the thick fog of mourning was over, as I grieved I struggled to move forward I was so stuck. I didn’t know how to move forward even though I wanted to. I also didn’t believe my life could be good again. 

With the help of intentional conversations with family and friends, therapy,  resources and time I spent doing healing work, reflecting and digging deeper, I began to build my healing toolkit. This in turn helped me re-frame my mindset and perspective. 

I slowly began to believe that I can and will have a life after loss and that it will be good. I had a responsibility to myself to pursue this, not only for me but for my three children. 

From this I have become passionate about helping adults, children and families build resilience and live a full life after loss and challenging seasons. 


We want you to experience summers again, full of joy and happiness. We know that sometimes it is hard to bask in the sun when you’ve had hard winters. 

This is where your toolkit, that we will build together will be of utmost importance. We believe that these resources will encourage self-reflection, allowing for opportunities to reconnect with yourself, your purpose and other people. Most importantly your tool kit will assist your healing and resilience through the tough seasons.

Once you begin to laugh and smile again, you can step into your autumn season where you can courageously embrace the changes that you’ve gone through and begin to live again. 

Going on this journey with In Every Season will stretch you, But it is our desire that you stretch so that you become the best version of yourself despite the curve balls that life has thrown at you. 

When traveling it is usually recommended that you travel light but by the end of this journey, we would like your tool bag to be overweight and packed with useful gear to navigate for all weathers.


Hi, Im Abi Shotade, 

I studied business law and international business at university and I also hold a masters qualification in management information and management accounting systems and have had a professional career as an analyst and project lead for multinational organisations. 


I’ve always had a passion for creativity and writing ever since I could remember. Creating something has been a great creative outlet for me over the years.

FUN FACT –  I identify as an introvert, but I do like talking… alot. 

When I was 21, I married my sweetheart and we were together for 10 years and had 3 beautiful children together.

Unexpectedly at 31 I became a widow when my late husband Elijah, was involved in a road traffic accident. An incident that completely reoriented my life and that of my children.

Reluctantly, I began to navigate the journey of being a bereaved parent and childhood grief and all that came with it.

10 months after Elijah’s death ‘In Every Season’  was born in June 2019 beginning with a podcast with the same name. While I was in the depth of grief, I found comfort in hearing the stories of others. Listening to these stories meant that I felt I wasn’t alone on what felt like a lonely journey, to be young and widowed. 

I began ‘In Every Season’ to not only help myself but to also help others on their healing journey through the art of storytelling, and well being activities.

By listening and sharing these stories of the heart, we are challenging one another to come face to face with our emotional health and knock on the door of healing, moving forward and thriving. 

I found that through these creative outlets a community can be created which alleviates the common feeling of being alone. Which is one step to healing. Another step is building a resilience toolkit to help navigate these unexpected journeys in life. 

I can be found speaking on resilience at events, expressing through creativity and acting as a peer support facilitator for those who have been bereaved or are walking through challenges.

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