In Every Season

Building Resilience for Life's Different Seasons.

Welcome to In Every Season, where our purpose is to support adults and dependent children to get unstuck from challenging seasons, to be able to reflect, re-connect and find purpose in order to move forward to the next season.

Nothing stays the same forever.

Instead, seasons come and go according to predictable patterns in our world. Similarly, the four seasons of life are associated with specific psychological and physiological states of being, as do the four seasons of life.

There are some transitions in life that are planned and part of the natural cycle. Transitions can come at unexpected times, occurring without prior notice and following no specific timeline in a person’s season of life. There are some transitions that we expect to occur but do not (personal, ripple, resultant and delayed nonevent)

Inadequate support during a life’s seasonal transition can cause a major crisis which can cause a longer-lasting negative effect on the individual resulting in a declining quality of life.

No matter what season of life you are in, you deserve a good quality of life

In Every Season assist adults as well as dependent children in navigating life’s transitions. We assist individuals in getting untangled from challenging seasons, navigating crises, and surviving tough times, enabling them to reconnect, reflect, and discover purpose in order to succeed in the new season of life.

How we can support You

The resilience support we offer provides you with the competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control you need in order to manage and navigate every season of your life.


In Every Season podcast is a series of authentic interviews with guests about their toughest seasons. Hosted by Abi Shotade, this podcast explores what it is like to endure challenging seasons in life.
Throughout each podcast episode, you'll discover what it takes to get unstuck, build resilience, and move forward as you navigate through your life's various challenges.

Grief and Loss Books for Children

Processing the loss of a loved one is a major challenge and difficult for everyone, even more so for children, teens and young adults.
The reading of books about grief, loss, and bereavement can help children understand what was happening, understand sad feelings, and realise they are not alone after losing a family member.

Wellbeing Activities & Creative writing

Engaging in well being activities is really helpful for those moments when we feel overwhelmed. Creativity can be an outlet for emotions, as well as an outlet these activities can be used as an opportunity to connect with others.

Family Resilience Trainings & Workshops

We will teach you to view life's inevitable challenges as opportunities so that you can improve your resiliency, enhance your quality of life, and decrease your stress and anxiety.

About In Every Season

I’m Abimbola Shotade. I help adults and dependent children build resilience for different seasons in their life.

“Although life has thrown you curve balls, I want you to stretch so that you can be the best version of yourself.”


Have you ever gone through a season where you’ve said to yourself “I can never recover from this…”? I certainly have. I call this a winter season. Winter seasons can be harsh, cold and full of sadness. So what do we do to go from winter to spring…  I hear you ask?

Every adult and dependent child deserves a quality of life that improves as they move through their various seasons of life

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What do people think about In Every Season

“ Listening to this podcast has really give me a positive way to how I view life and dealing with people, real stories back to back; the podcast format allows in-depth conversation around loss and create a modern platform for people to share their own experiences. Life happens; you are not alone. No spoilers, listen and you wouldn’t regret it. PS- Abi’s soft voice is just the cherry on top !!!.”


“ Inspirational and deeply insight. I have listened to all current episodes and found myself nodding my head in approval at the wisdom and resilience of the speakers. The ability to find strength for encouraging others even in the midst of their own pain was super inspirational to me. The host is also very easy to listen to so I will recommend this podcast to those who are currently walking through a dark season and even those who have never know pain.”


"This colourful and well illustrated book helps children process grief and find hope in difficult times. It helps them explore their feelings about the loss of a loved one and encourages them to embrace a new perspective using their imagination. It is a great companion for both parents and children. Fully recommend!"

Timi Adelaja

"It's well written and beautifully illustrated. My daughter and I enjoyed reading it. It makes it easier to start the difficult conversation about death with children. Great book!"

Pat Lahore

"An honest and unique take on the emotions around loss from a child’s perspective. Great for parents/ carers to read, and to read with their children. Sharing both good and sad memories in a child friendly way. Gives practical tips and resources to open up discussions and address feelings in a reflective way through the telling of a story. I recommend it all the time!!!"

Yvonne Abimbola

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